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Side By Side Leadership, 'the Undisputed Formula for Success'

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Are Leadership Challenges Holding You Back?

Research indicates that about half of all managers and supervisors are failing. In today's workplace of empowered knowledge workers and teams, the old-style top-down leadership just doesn't cut it. The smartest, most motivated and hardest-working employees often leave. Those who stay often underperform.

Learn the Right Leadership Skills for Your Situation

The new, dynamic economy driven by technology, innovation, and creative relationships demands a new kind of leadership. Side by Side Leadership is a deeply researched and well constructed guide to the 5 fundamental spheres of leaderships including the specific skills that underlie each style.

The Value of Effective Leadership Skills is not New

What is surprising is how much impact you can make by developing your own leaderships skills, regardless of where you fall in the organization. Dr. Dennis Romig has found that leadership breaks down into 5 leaderships styles. Your job probably requires skill in only 1 or 2 of these styles to be successful.

In Side by Side Leadership, you learn ...

  • The 5 Fundamental Leadership Styles
  • How these leadership styles apply to you
  • How well you are doing in areas affecting your performance
  • How you can generate powerful improvements from simple changes

You Win, Your Career Wins, and Your Team Wins

Make sure that you are protected; improve your efficiency and that of your team. It's easy enough to take the first step with Side by Side Leadership. Based on over 3000 controlled studies and the training of over 10,000 individuals, this book is a definite must have. With an Amazon 5-Star rating, you just can't go wrong.

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