Side By Side Leadership: We Sell Results

Side by Side Leadership: Achieving Outstanding Results Together


Part 1. The New Leadership Model


Muddle in the Middle:
The Current State of Leadership, Its Effect on Productivity, and the Promise of a Third Way of Leading
2. The Search for a Better Model: A Conceptual History of Leadership and the Quest for a More Productive Approach
3. The Name of the Third Way: Defining a New Model of Leadership That Increases Performance, Productivity, and Profit
4. Spheres of Influence: How the Five Spheres of Leadership Define the Individual Leader and Work Together to Improve the Organization

Part II. The Seven Principles of Side by Side Leadership
5. Principle 1: Two-Way Street: Two-way Communication, Power Sharing, and Teamwork Feed High Performance
6. Principle 2: Interaction Fields: Bridging Resources across Internal and External Interaction Fields Grows New Assets
7. Principle 3: Visionary Goals: Shared Visionary Goals Magnetically Pull Innovative Thinking and Increased Productivity
8. Principle 4: Focused Creativity: Fostering Outside-the-Box Thinking Produces Breakthrough Ideas
9. Principle 5: Structured Participation: Facilitation Total Participation Arouses Extraordinary Commitment
10. Principle 6: Proven Knowledge: Filtering Creative Ideas through the Sieve of Knowledge and Experience Separates Out Workable Innovations
11. Principle 7: Transferred Authority: Transferring Decision-Making Power Jump-Starts Action on New Ideas

Part III. Five Spheres of Influence and the Twenty Skills
12. Sphere 1: Personal Leadership: Leading by Maintaining Personal Integrity and Setting a Strong Example for Contributors

Skill 1: Achieving Personal and Visionary Goals
Skill 2: Practicing Honesty and Fairness
Skill 3: Maintaining Objectivity

13. Sphere 2: Knowledge Leadership: Leading by Seeking, Developing, Extending, Sharing, and Harnessing Knowledge
Skill 4: Acquiring Knowledge
Skill 5: Sharing Knowledge
Skill 6: Transforming Knowledge
14. Sphere 3: Interpersonal Leadership: Leading by Listening Effectively, Contributing Unselfishly, Motivating Charismatically, and Networking Diversely
Skill 7: Two-way Listening
Skill 8: Mutual Contributing
Skill 9: Connecting Visionary Goals
Skill 10: Diverse Networking
15. Sphere 4: Team Leadership: Leading by Mutually Managing Team Interactions, Goals, Skills, Roles, and Capabilities
Skill 11: Managing the Interface
Skill 12: Setting Team Goals
Skill 13: Using Structured Team Skills
Skill 14: Coordinating Team Roles
Skill 15: Increasing Team Capacity
16. Sphere 5: Organizational Leadership: Leading by Seeking Opportunities, Values, Visionary Goals, Creative Strategies, and Flexibility
Skill 16: Identifying Opportunities and Threats
Skill 17: Living Organizational Values
Skill 18: Setting Organizational Visionary Goals
Skill 19: Creating New Strategies
Skill 20: Creating a Flexible Organization

Part IV. Applying the Formula for Success
17. Becoming a Side by Side Leader: Practical Applications of the Seven Principles of Side by Side Leadership
18. Where Are You Now? Your Individual Formula for Leadership Improvement
Notes, Recommending Reading, Index

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